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Nectura - Your Next Supercharged Antioxidant

Nectura - the world's the most advanced proprietary formula for anti-aging wellness! Nectura is beyond just a juice, it is the first MULTI-FUNCTIONAL FOOD SUPPLEMENT of its kind ever created! Nectura contains the most proven, powerful exotic phytonutrient extracts and antioxidants in the world, including pure and natural extracts of noni, mangosteen, pomegranate, acai berry, goji berry and so much more! This unique 7:1 super concentrated formula delivers a pure, natural and delicious blend of:

 A total of 47 of the most powerful PHYTONUTRIENTS & ANTIOXIDANT  EXTRACTS SUPERCHARGED WITH 72 IONIC MINERALS & TRACE  MINERALS! Perfected with an exclusive Micell-X Delivery System for  maximum absorption  into the cellular level you will feel immediately!   Product Size: 16.9 oz.

A TOTAL OF 47 OF THE MOST POWERFUL PHYTONUTRIENTS AND ANTIOXIDANT EXTRACTS SUPERCHARGED WITH 72 IONIC MINERALS & TRACE MINERALS and now IMPROVED with ORGANIC GERMANIUM GE-132!!  Perfected with an exclusive Micell-X trade Delivery System for maximum absorption into the cellular level you will feel immediately!

- Pure and natural
- No Artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors
- No irradiation
- No pasteurization
- No genetically modified ingredients
- No hydrogenated ingredients
- No toxins
- No trans fats
- No pesticides

Be one of the first to experience the incredibly delicious taste and unlimited potential of our newest multi-functional creation - never before available anywhere! One taste and you'll wonder ... how can this be good for me?  Nectura™ ... the most sinfully delicious way to wellness!                                    

Nectura™ is the first product of its kind, which makes this the perfect opportunity for you to position yourself to capitalize on this innovative multi-million dollar product.  Now it's time for you to take action and share it with everyone!  Get ready Nectura Indonesia!  No embellished stories or fables.  Just rock solid science brought to you by a rock solid company.
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