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Massage Therapy Schools

Massage Therapy School is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons,ligaments and joints. Massage therapy schools are appropriate for the promotion of health and wellness, stress reduction, and the treatment of acute and chronic conditions that affect the soft tissues of the body. The motivation to provide health care assistance to others through touch is a necessary component for
considering a career in massage therapy.

• You must enjoy providing health care.
• You must be compassionate.
• You are comfortable with touching others.
• You possess an analytical mind.
• You are good at sciences.
• You can work as part of a team or independently.

Massage therapists work in various settings including interdisciplinary health care clinics, hospitals, private
practice, Spas, and corporate health and wellness facilities.

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Binawan Institute of Health Sciences - Indonesia Professional Therapist Academy

Binawan Institute of Health Sciences (BIHS) was established in 2001.

It is at the forefront of nursing and healthcare education in Southeast Asia . Located in the centre of Jakarta with an area of 20,000 sq-meter , BIHS is the only Indonesian educational institute to provide healthcare students with internationally recognized qualifications which enable them to work anywhere in the world.

A wide range of courses are on offer at BIHS, tailored to suit an individual's needs. Nursing degree courses are available for all, from those who have recently graduated high school to those who have already attained qualifications and experience in the nursing profession. Short courses are also available, and our recently developed physiotherapy courses offer students a new, exciting challenge.

" To become a renowned Indonesian centre of educational excellence for healthcare professionals and to play an active role in
solving the problem of health service in the world. "

* Providing international standard healthcare professionals capable of joining international health communities
* Raising the dignity and welfare of Indonesian healthcare workers
* Maintaining the strong desire of Indonesian people to become healthcare professional



The University of Technology, Sydney Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery and Health (UTS) and the Binawan Institute of Health Science (BIHS) have an established relationship. Through a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2005, UTS has helped Binawan develop an international-quality Bachelor of Nursing (International) course at the BIHS.

Students who have successfully complete the BIHS Bachelor of Nursing (International) may apply to enter the UTS Bachelor of Nursing following the completion of a Direct English Entry Programme at the UTS Sydney based subsidiary, Insearch. Students must have an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) equivalent score of 6.5 overall and writing score of 6.0 to be admitted to UTS.

Each student's application for recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) will be considered on an individual basis by UTS. RPL is currently established as equivalent to 4 academic semesters study in UTS.

Therefore BIHS students will normally undertake a shortened programme of study at UTS over two academic semesters or one year. Recognition of prior learning at UTS remains contingent on UTS continuing to monitor the quality, and the compatibility of BIHS programmes for which RPL is granted.

The comprehensive partnership between BIHS and University of Technology Sydney of Australia includes :

* Collaboration Curriculum development
* Upgrading faculty members and clinical instructors
* Exchange faculty members and students
* Educational facilities and learning resources refurbishment.
* Modern educational management system development.

Dual Degree : SKp and BSN
Registered Nurse License : RN

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Indonesia Professional Massage Therapist

Indonesia Professional Massage Therapist
An Idea from Binawan Institute of Health Sciences Jakarta

A massage therapist is a professional, massage and body work leads. The field of massage therapy is very high, ranging from massage therapists, the basic Javanese massage in training run the most esoteric and trigger point. The purpose of a massage is to relax a rule to their customers, while promoting health and general wellbeing. Some forms of massage therapy focuses on the treatment of certain health conditions and the treatment of congenital muscular disorders.

People have done massage and body work for thousands of years. A friendly human touch is considered a major psychological and physical health. Different cultures have their own specific areas of the body, such as Lomi Lomi and Shiatsu in Japan. The body is often embedded in practice, holistic healing, conventional treatments such as Java. Many people around the world consider massage as an important part of their personal health and beauty regime.

As part of the work, a massage therapist, he or she works with a variety of customers. Many people seek massage therapy exclusively for relaxation and comfort, but some people go to a massage therapist for further work. A massage therapist uses his training to treat your customers on an individual basis. He or she may independently or in a spa or a medical clinic, with different rates for different services. Some complementary therapists offer additional services such as facials and body treatments to massage practice.

Training for a massage therapist differences in some regions in the vicinity of regular massage, while others are less restrictive licenses. Many massage schools offer basic certification programs that can be used as a basis for learning other techniques such as deep tissue massage or traditional massage are used as a Indonesian Javanese traditional massage or acupressure. The training includes knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the human body, and a discussion of the specific conditions provided for massage therapists, cancer, muscular tension. A school of massage of the feet, also offers workshops on ethics and business practices.

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Podiatry & Podiatric Surgery Jakarta Indonesia

Podiatry & Podiatric Surgery Jakarta Indonesia

Podiatrists treat a variety of podiatric conditions, from general ankle and foot medical care to the comprehensive treatment and reconstructive surgery of complex deformities in children and adults.

Podiatry Medical Center of Jakarta
The Ankle and Foot Medical Center team consists of podiatry experts who are trained in the latest advances and treatments for the ankle and foot. Our podiatrists are board-certified in podiatric surgery. Because we are a tertiary care facility, we serve as a regional referral center for physicians around Indonesia and treat ankle and foot patients at Body Clinic Indonesia.

HAVING A BAD FOOT DAY? We invite you to experience the highest level of health care by a nice Podiatrist - one dedicated to unhurried office visits to insure your podiatry questions are answered and your problem is explained, the use of advanced podiatry techniques to insure your optimal comfort, being treated in an immaculate office and being serviced by friendly experienced staff. For more information, please review the Podiatrist's credentials or practice profile at Body Clinic Indonesia.

THINKING ABOUT FOOT SURGERY? As a Board Certified Podiatrist, our physicians believe that treating a patient is built on a partnership of trust, communication and an understanding of your priorities as related to family, sports, work and vacation. When foot surgery is necessary for a podiatry problem, almost all podiatric procedures are performed as an outpatient using conscious sedation and/or local anesthesia with an emphysis on minimizing your foot or ankle pain. For topics on podiatric foot surgery, please go to the Information Center.
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Searching Spa in Jakarta

Jl. Kramat Raya 31
Jakarta Pusat
Telp. (021) 2300323

Aesthetic Treatments
  •     Facial Treatment
  •     Transepidermal Vitamin C
  •     Breast Treatment
  •     Body Treatment
  •     Aesthetic Acupuncture
  •     Aesthetic Laserpuncture
  •     Body Slimfit Acupuncture

 Medical Services
  •     Doctor Consultation
  •     Home Care (skin and hair programme)
  •     Chemical Peeling
  •     Microdermabrasion (Diamond Peel Plus)
  •     Injection (Filler, Botox, Whitening, Acne)
  •     Electrocauter
  •     Mesotherapy
  •     Medical Acupuncture, Laserpuncture and  Aquapuncture
  •     Electroacupuncture for weight gain/loss, pain, etc
  •     Health curative and preventive treatment

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Hot Tub Chemicals

Hot Tub Chemical Calendar
Spa and remains his best, you need routine maintenance. Though once more to the needs and juedoeeoyahaneun several times when certain tasks are used regularly in the bathtub. The most commonly used chemical disinfectant bath. Check sanitizer level and capacity, and at least several times a week, when the tank is used. The more people, especially when you fall in the bathroom everyday is important. Whirlpool, bromine, chlorine typically used more frequently than those requiring attention can be used.

In PH bath several times a week should be fine. PH between 7.4 and 7.6 for the best range of baths. Only two levels to prevent corrosion of equipment in a neutral manner, alkaline. And frequently check the pH increase or decrease depending on the amount of chemicals can be added. , To remove oil, sweat, cosmetics, anti-oxidant shock treatment is recommended to use it in the bath once a week. It is clear, chemical treatment of water, leaving it better, so I feel shiny.

Hydromassage bathtub Chemicals to problems of calcium
Depending on the water you use in your hot tub, there may be some problems with the water that does not exist in other areas. The main problems arise rich in calcium ( "hard") with water. In areas with hard water where you can build calcium deposits. Not only affect the appearance of the boxes, but also a function. If the bathtub full of hard water, descaling chemicals are added to avoid problems.

Less common, but remains a problem, not the water is too soft. Areas may need to add water hardeners sacrificing calcium. Calcium levels are appropriate for the tub of hot water between 100 and 200 mg / l. If the injury is minor, the water is corrosive and can cause a warming spa bath.

Hot Tub Filter
Clean filter is important to keep the bath tub. Filters should be cleaned in a tub hot bet at least once a month and more frequently used in large vats. Can a dirty filter cartridge problems NOK whirlpool tub, especially with the bath water. Filtration systems should be kept clean and in good condition, if you think you have the idea NOK pure pleasure.
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