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Hot Tub Chemicals

Hot Tub Chemical Calendar
Spa and remains his best, you need routine maintenance. Though once more to the needs and juedoeeoyahaneun several times when certain tasks are used regularly in the bathtub. The most commonly used chemical disinfectant bath. Check sanitizer level and capacity, and at least several times a week, when the tank is used. The more people, especially when you fall in the bathroom everyday is important. Whirlpool, bromine, chlorine typically used more frequently than those requiring attention can be used.

In PH bath several times a week should be fine. PH between 7.4 and 7.6 for the best range of baths. Only two levels to prevent corrosion of equipment in a neutral manner, alkaline. And frequently check the pH increase or decrease depending on the amount of chemicals can be added. , To remove oil, sweat, cosmetics, anti-oxidant shock treatment is recommended to use it in the bath once a week. It is clear, chemical treatment of water, leaving it better, so I feel shiny.

Hydromassage bathtub Chemicals to problems of calcium
Depending on the water you use in your hot tub, there may be some problems with the water that does not exist in other areas. The main problems arise rich in calcium ( "hard") with water. In areas with hard water where you can build calcium deposits. Not only affect the appearance of the boxes, but also a function. If the bathtub full of hard water, descaling chemicals are added to avoid problems.

Less common, but remains a problem, not the water is too soft. Areas may need to add water hardeners sacrificing calcium. Calcium levels are appropriate for the tub of hot water between 100 and 200 mg / l. If the injury is minor, the water is corrosive and can cause a warming spa bath.

Hot Tub Filter
Clean filter is important to keep the bath tub. Filters should be cleaned in a tub hot bet at least once a month and more frequently used in large vats. Can a dirty filter cartridge problems NOK whirlpool tub, especially with the bath water. Filtration systems should be kept clean and in good condition, if you think you have the idea NOK pure pleasure.
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