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Podiatry & Podiatric Surgery Jakarta Indonesia

Podiatry & Podiatric Surgery Jakarta Indonesia

Podiatrists treat a variety of podiatric conditions, from general ankle and foot medical care to the comprehensive treatment and reconstructive surgery of complex deformities in children and adults.

Podiatry Medical Center of Jakarta
The Ankle and Foot Medical Center team consists of podiatry experts who are trained in the latest advances and treatments for the ankle and foot. Our podiatrists are board-certified in podiatric surgery. Because we are a tertiary care facility, we serve as a regional referral center for physicians around Indonesia and treat ankle and foot patients at Body Clinic Indonesia.

HAVING A BAD FOOT DAY? We invite you to experience the highest level of health care by a nice Podiatrist - one dedicated to unhurried office visits to insure your podiatry questions are answered and your problem is explained, the use of advanced podiatry techniques to insure your optimal comfort, being treated in an immaculate office and being serviced by friendly experienced staff. For more information, please review the Podiatrist's credentials or practice profile at Body Clinic Indonesia.

THINKING ABOUT FOOT SURGERY? As a Board Certified Podiatrist, our physicians believe that treating a patient is built on a partnership of trust, communication and an understanding of your priorities as related to family, sports, work and vacation. When foot surgery is necessary for a podiatry problem, almost all podiatric procedures are performed as an outpatient using conscious sedation and/or local anesthesia with an emphysis on minimizing your foot or ankle pain. For topics on podiatric foot surgery, please go to the Information Center.
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