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Fish Spa Therapy - Garra Rufa

Fish Spa Therapy Treatments are growing in parts of Asia such as Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. Most of these spas employ Fish species which originate from Turky, called Garra Rufa. For decades, humans have searched for alternative methods of healing and have made pilgrimages to eastern European countries to experience the Fish Therapy at spa resorts.

The benefits of Fish Spa
  • Natural exfoliation of dead skin - Smoother and healthy glowing skin with easy moisturizer absorption
  • Promote blood circulation - micro massage sensation from these "little masseurs"
  • Lightening of minor scars
  • Easing of psoriasis and minor eczema
  • Release stress and tension - Ticklilst sensation causing perpetual laughter
  • Promote beautiful, radiant skin through cell renewal
  • Alleviate stress
  • Release fatigue.
The practice of using fish for therapeutic healing of skin conditions is known as "itchyotherapy". The fish will nibble off excess skin and exude an enzyme called dithranol (anthralin), which prevents unnatural development of the skin and stimulates healthy cells to grow. It is able to treat various skin conditions.

Garra Rufa Fish
Garra Rufa fish sometimes also known as Doctor Fish, nibble fish, or Kangal fish, feeds only on dead and problematic areas of the skin. It stimulates new healthy skin cells to grow beautifully. Garra Rufa is a fresh water fish, belonging to the family of Carp. They are found in Central Middle East, especially Turkey, Syirian, Iran dan Iraq.
It started in Kangal, Turkey where people discovered the fish's ability to cure skin diseases. Soon, the word spread and Kangal become a famous health resort specializing in this unique treatment.

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Pilates Exercises For You

Just what can Pilates exercises do for you?

"I must be right. Never an aspirin. Never injured a day in my life. The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They'd be happier." -- Joseph Hubertus Pilates, in 1965, age 86.

Runner or golfer, tennis player or new mom, chances are you've heard someone talking about the benefits of Pilates. Many types of people, at many levels of fitness, who have begun doing Pilates exercises say they've seen improvements in range of motion, flexibility, circulation, posture, and abdominal strength -- and decreases in back, neck and joint pain.

Forty years after his death, the system of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates has never been in such demand. But can the benefits of Pilates (puh-LAH-teez), the system of strengthening and stretching exercises designed to develop the body's core, mobilize the spine and build flexibility, really be that far-reaching?

Pilates Benefit No. 1: Body Awareness
Celebrity Pilates teacher Siri Dharma Galliano says Pilates -- when performed correctly and with the proper supervision -- can do all that and more.

"It is an education in body awareness," says Galliano, who owns Live Art Pilates studio in Los Angeles. "It changes your shape by educating you in daily life. When you're cooking, brushing your teeth -- the lessons are coming home to pull your stomach in and pull your shoulders down. There is an attention required (in doing the exercises) that changes your awareness" even after class.

"It teaches you how to train your mind and build symmetry and coordination in the body," adds Galliano. "And when you can get control of the little things, that's practicing willpower."

Think of a tree, Pilates experts say. Does it have all its strength in its limbs? No. The tree is only as strong as its trunk and roots. Without a strong trunk, the tree would topple over.

It's the same for human bodies, say Pilates experts. If we don't concentrate on building a good foundation and a strong trunk or core, we'll end up tight in some places and weak in others, injury-prone and susceptible to the pitfalls of our occupation or chosen form of exercise.

Pilates Benefit No. 2: A Stronger Core
But how about flattening the abs? Can Pilates exercises really give you a washboard stomach?

Experts warn that it's important not to equate a stronger core with a flatter stomach.

"When people want 'flat abs,' they are usually looking for weight loss, not abdominal strength and core support," says George. "More than touting the benefits of Pilates for flat abs, we should be touting the benefits of Pilates for a stronger, healthy back and body. If along the way, you do the other components of fitness and trim the body down, yes, you're going to have a flatter midsection."

As you develop body awareness, stand straighter, and gain flexibility, "Pilates will shift your shape," says Galliano. "But just attending a group mat class may or may not change your body."

Pilates Benefit No. 3: Body Control
Galliano, who has sculpted the bodies of Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Sting, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Uma Thurman, says Pilates works because it teaches you how to move.

"Unless you are taught how to move and discover with your teacher what is blocking you (for example, keeping your shoulders up too high), you will never achieve body symmetry," Galliano says. "When you start getting control of your body, it gives you a great degree of satisfaction."

There's an intrinsic relevance to it, says Little Rock, Ark., internist Hoyte Pyle, MD, who has been practicing Pilates for five years. Instead of working major muscle groups in isolation, he says, "Pilates works the whole body in synergy," which is how we should be moving on a daily basis.

Fusions of Pilates
It seems like everywhere you look, familiar exercise disciplines are taking on a new life with a Pilates twist. There are fusions of Pilates with everything from yoga and swimming to ballroom dancing and boxing.

"Any movement or exercise that's done well should be beneficial to the body, but it doesn't necessarily mean you're doing Pilates."

Pilates Is Not for Everyone
Some 50% of adults experience back pain at some time in their lives. At any given time, 25% of adults have acute or chronic back pain, says Jupiter, Fla., physical therapist Michael L. Reed, DPT.

Pilates and other exercises that focus on the stability of the muscles that support the spine might seem like a perfect fit. But not all pain is the same, cautions Reed. Without a diagnosis for your back pain from a physician or health care professional, Pilates could do more harm than good, he says.

"You can't go to a non-medical practitioner that teaches Pilates and think that will resolve your back pain," says Reed. "That's the mistake people make."

by WebMD.com, health & fitness

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Bikram Yoga Good For Overall Fitness

Bikram Yoga Good For Overall Fitness

"Yoga means union. May yoga unite you with
yourself, your breath, your body and the new life you
are creating".
Rajashree Choudhury

What is Bikram Yoga?

Living yoga master Bikram Choudhury is a Hot Yoga innovator. His method of Hot Yoga is a set series of 26 yoga poses, including two pranayama exercises, each of which is performed twice in a single 90 minute class. Choudhury, who was born in Calcutta, India in 1946, founded the Yoga College of India in Beverly Hills in 1974. He and his wife Rajashree were both yoga champions in India. Recently, Choudhury was involved in a lawsuit over his attempt to copyright his series of 26 poses done in a hot room.

Why Does Bikram Yoga Give Me Headaches?
Dehydration can cause headaches after a session of Bikram yoga. Vitamin Water is a solution to this headache remedy. Now, dehydration problems, both for beginners as well as the cause of Yoga Bikram hot yoga is known. Typically, in a room at 40,5 ° C or 105 ° C heating practiced with humidity 40%. Each class is guided through dialogue and meetings of 26 postures and two breathing exercises. Each course lasts approximately 90 minutes. Dynamic form of yoga session at these high temperatures, causing sweating. It is believed that sweating is a way to get rid of toxins in the body. It also makes the body warm, flexibility and mobility of lead. It is also assumed that the studio can be heated to help practitioners, more intense, to reduce tension and rapid heating of the body can be neutralized quickly. The combination of asanas and pranayama, Bikram yoga is good for general fitness.

Note: If you have a headache to think after each session of Bikram yoga, then, how much water you were before and during the session. Also, remember, when push too hard on the session, or if you have something else before practicing yoga. You should also think about how you got attitude, but if you want to get on his back and shoulder rotations and pelvic postures with your yoga instructor to walk. Strength training can give wrong result in problems such as pain, muscle pain and headaches to pull.

If this is your first Bikram yoga class is rarely, it is not unusual to feel dizzy or suffer from headaches. Practice yoga in a heated room on the severity of the first phase will cause symptoms that.

Tips: Here are some tips to help you cope with a headache after Bikram Yoga
  • You should also listen to your body while you Bikram yoga. Do not press too hard. If you prefer some interruptions during the meeting, tell me.
  • It is also important to drink plenty of water. Your body must be hydrated during the day and especially when practicing Bikram yoga. Since you will be a lot of sweat, you have to compensate for the loss of moisture. You may need another 65-80 gallons of water to your normal state, if the practice of yoga. A lot of water will help you withstand the heat and enjoy the practice. They also take electrolyte tablets.
  • Rest after Bikram yoga.

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Great Cellulite Treatment by Galvanic Spa II System

Great Cellulite Treatment by Galvanic Spa II System
Cellulite is an ugly cosmetic problem that affects close to 90% of women worldwide. Cellulite forms mostly on the hips, butt and thighs when fat gets caught between bands of connective tissue underneath the skin. The best way to approach cellulite reduction is from 2 different angles. The first angle is Lifestyle habits which means diet and exercise for the cellulite prone areas. The second way to get rid of cellulite are actual cellulite treatments.

Call for Inquiry 021-94229037

Nu Skin describes it as:
Expand your home spa experience. Rejuvenate your complexion, revitalize your scalp, and refine your body with professional spa treatments—no appointment necessary. You’ve seen the results on celebrities and supermodels—but in the real world, who has time for a visit to a day spa?
If you forgot a visit to a day spa because it can be time-consuming or costly, you may be missing out on the remarkable health and beauty benefits of spa treatments. Now you can bring more of the spa experience home with the patented Galvanic Spa™ System II. Small, smart, and powerful, the programmable Galvanic Spa™ II Instrument with patented self-adjusting galvanic currents and interchangeable heads—for the face, scalp, and body—works synergistically with specially formulated products to facilitate the transport of key ingredients for optimal performance. Your radiant complexion, fuller, healthier looking hair, and improved appearance will

One of the newer treatments for cellulite is the Galvanic Spa.
The Galvanic Spa is a hand held device that delivers a low level galvanic current which facilitates the transport of the ingredients into the skin. It comes with a body contouring cream that has ingredients that smoothes and hydrates the skin and reduces cellulite. It also increases circulation in the areas where it's used which seems to help cellulite reduction.

In terms of price, the Galvanic Spa is reasonable alternative between expensive treatments like Mesotherapy and Velasmooth and inexpensive creams and lotions. It's also convenient because you can use it at home.

A couple of days ago, the internet was buzzing about cellulite creams with caffeine. Some doctors said that this worked while others said that it was not effective. Here's the thing. You need for the creams to penetrate your skin. The Galvanic Spa works because it draws out impurities and then deeply delivers the cream into your cellulite prone areas.

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Galvanic Spa II Nu Skin Indonesia Solusi Anti Penuaan Anda

Galvanic Spa II NuSkin Indonesia: Solusi Anti Penuaan Anda.

Nikmati Kemudaan Anda sekarang dan seterusnya...
Dalam 10 menit anda akan terlihat lebih muda beberapa tahun seolah-olah waktu kembali ke masa muda anda.

Selamat Datang di Masa Depan!

Teknologi baru yang saat ini sedang melanda Eropa, Asia, Amerika dan Australia, telah hadir di INDONESIA!

Galvanic Spa II System
Galvanic Spa II System membuat anda tidak perlu bersusah payah memilih spesialis kulit mahal untuk merawat tubuh. Kemewahan spa sudah bisa anda nikmati dengan murah dan mudah di rumah sendiri.

Apa sebenarnya teknologi ini?
NuSkin Indonesia membawa teknologi Galvanic Spa untuk terapi kulit dan telah menggunakan Arus Galvanic lebih dari 70 tahun untuk menyegarkan kulit. Treatment ini akan meningkatkan sirkulasi enerji sel di kulit anda.

Teknologi Arus Galvanic dapat digunakan oleh siapa pun dengan AMAN, di rumah! Ini adalah terobosan yang LUAR BIASA!

Dengan Galvanic Spa System II, anda bisa menikmati kualitas treatment spa yang mahal, hanya dengan ongkos yang sangat minim. Arus Galvanic yang digunakan akan mengangkat kotoran dan racun-racun di kulit anda, dan membantu meningkatkan pengiriman nutrisi penting ke kulit.

Telah terbukti secara klinis, bahwa dengan melakukan treatment Galvanic, produk-produk kecantikan yang anda pakai saat ini akan diterima 70% lebih tinggi oleh kulit anda!

Galvanic Spa System II memiliki 3 ujung yang bisa diubah-ubah:

1. Ujung Metal untuk Wajah
2. Ujung Metal Bergerigi untuk Kulit Kepala
3. Ujung Metal untuk Badan

Mengapa saya harus memilih Galvanic Spa II?
Pertama, Galvanic Spa II menggunakan batere yang mudah diganti sehingga meminimalkan ketergantungan terhadap saluran listrik.

Kedua, mudah digunakan (user friendly), dan Ketiga, secara otomatis beradaptasi dengan kulit - mengantarkan arus dalam jumlah yang tepat untuk memberikan perawatan yang sangat efektif.

Bagaimana Galvanic Spa II bekerja?
Nu Skin Galvanic Spa II bekerja dengan arus galvanic yang dapat diatur dan konduktor yang dapat diganti untuk wajah, tubuh dan rambut.

Bagaimana penggunaannya?
Dengan konduktor yang dapat diganti, alat ini didesain khusus untuk digunakan bersama dengan Galvanic Face Gel, Body Gel dan Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment.

Seberapa sering saya harus menggunakan Galvanic Spa II?
Untuk Wajah: cukup gunakan selama 10 menit, 2-3 kali dalam seminggu.
Untuk Perut, Paha, Lengan, Selulit: gunakan 15 menit x 2 kali per hari, setiap hari selama 2 minggu.

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oleh: Mona Harrison, M.D.

Dr Mona Harrison adalah mantan asisten dekan dari Boston University School of Medicine dan mantan kepala medis di Washington, DC General Hospital. Dia saat ini spesialisasi dalam pediatri dan obat keluarga. Dia menerima pelatihan medisnya di University of Maryland, Harvard University dan Boston University Medical Center.

Dr Mona Harrison mengatakan memiliki berbagai hasil nyata pasiennya telah diuntungkan dari Tahitian Noni juice, dan akan tampak bagi banyak orang bahwa sesuatu yang ajaib yang terjadi di sini karena begitu banyak mempengaruhi sistem tubuh. Tetapi ada penjelasan yang sangat ilmiah untuk bagaimana sesuatu yang begitu sederhana, hanya jus, dapat memiliki dampak luas.

Panggilan naskah kuno kelenjar yang berbeda dalam tubuh anjing laut, dan oleh sebuah segel, kita berarti sesuatu yang membuka dan menutup. Literatur kedokteran kuno menyatakan bahwa sebenarnya kelenjar beroperasi sesuai dengan frekuensi, sebuah istilah yang menjadi sangat populer hari-hari ini di nuklir dan fisika kuantum. Frekuensi kelenjar dikenal ribuan tahun yang lalu, tapi kita telah melupakan banyak informasi ini. Dalam istilah kuno, kelenjar pineal disebut meterai yang keenam atau keenam kelenjar tubuh. Kami baru menemukan bahwa merangsang dua hormon utama yang disebut serotonin dan melatonin. Mengontrol kelenjar pineal kelenjar lima lainnya di bawah ini yang merupakan tiroid yang memproduksi tiroksin untuk memberi energi sel kita, timus yang melindungi Anda terhadap infeksi dan kanker, pankreas yang terlibat dengan gula darah dan mengeluarkan hormon insulin, kelenjar adrenal yang merespon setiap kali Anda berada di bawah tekanan, dan kelenjar yang pertama adalah laki-laki dan perempuan organ seks dan hormon mereka. Oleh karena itu mengembalikan keenam kelenjar, kelenjar pineal, akan berdampak pada semua kelenjar lain dan fungsi mereka dalam tubuh. Ketika kelenjar pineal berada pada performa puncaknya, ternyata warna keemasan dan memancarkan jus hitam serta minyak emas. Jus hitam akan menjadi warna melanin organ dan setiap daerah tubuh yang memiliki pigmen.

Ini terjadi bahwa jus Noni meniru berasal dari sekresi kelenjar pineal, dan bahkan bertindak sebagai pendahulu untuk itu, bangunan itu dan membiarkannya berfungsi sepenuhnya. Noni juice memiliki warna hitam, sangat mirip dengan melanin yang memberi warna atau pigmen untuk setiap salah satu organ. Setiap tempat tubuh kita mengandung pigmen ini akan dipengaruhi oleh jus Tahitian Noni Indonesia.

Tahitian Noni Indonesia

Informasi dan Permintaan Tahitian Noni Indonesia melalui Mr. Berry Dayat 087885138179.
Harga Promo Rp485.000,- (empat ratus delapan puluh lima ribu rupiah).

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Pijat Tradisional dan Fisioterapi

Pijat Tradisional
Terapi pijat tradisional bekerja langsung pada otot, saraf dan sistem sirkulasi. Dengan maju neuromuskuler manual dan teknik yang mengembangkan terapi pengobatan yang menggabungkan terapi manual dan latihan untuk mempercepat proses penyembuhan dan mengurangi rasa sakit. Pijat akan meningkatkan keadaan mental dan kesejahteraan.
Beberapa pilihan pijat:
Pijat Relaksasi
Pijat Olahraga
Pijat Wajah

Kapan dan dimana pijat tradisional tidak diperbolehkan?

Jika daerah perawatan telah:
1. Luka terbuka yang luas
2. Bakar
3. Kulit Ulcers
4. Gross Edema (pembengkakan parah)
5. Extremely Hairy daerah
6. Kulit sensitif
7. Bakteri
8. Penyakit kulit
9. Keganasan seperti kanker

Jika Anda memilih untuk pijat relaksasi, pijat olahraga, terapis pijat kesehatan pastikan anda mendapatkan terapis yang baik.

Fisioterapi manual menggunakan teknik terapi untuk memobilisasi kaku sendi, peregangan dan latihan untuk mempertahankan dan membangun otot, modalitas untuk mengurangi rasa sakit dan peradangan dan mempercepat penyembuhan jaringan lunak. Apakah anda seorang olah ragawan nasional atau pecinta kebugaran, seorang pemula atau atlet amatir, cedera akibat aktifitas latihan lakukan perawatan dan pengobatan.

Tehnik Fisioterapi
Membelai - Sambil membelai dilakukan dengan seluruh tangan atau jari. Terdiri penggunaan tangan santai di atas kulit pasien dengan irama dan tekanan yang menghasilkan efek santai.
Effleurage - Effleurage dilakukan dengan menyebarkan dan menggerakkan tangan dengan tekanan dan kecepatan, untuk mendapatkan relaksasi dan limfe drainase.
Adonan - adonan melibatkan kompresi alternatif dan pelepasan bagian yang akan dimanipulasi.
Mengangkat - Mengambil mengangkat melibatkan jaringan dari tulang mendasarinya, melepaskannya setelah meremasnya.
Meremas-remas - meremas-remas teknik mengangkat jaringan dan berlaku twist untuk meningkatkan efek peregangan.
Gesekan - Gesekan adalah gerakan kecil diaplikasikan dengan jari jempol atau tekanan diberikan dari dangkal sampai kedalaman jaringan.
Hacking - Hacking dilakukan dengan lengan bawah dan mencolok diperpanjang kulit menggunakan sisi tangan.
Bertepuk - Menepukkan dilakukan dengan memukul kulit dengan kedua telapak tangan.
Gemetar dan Getaran-getaran - Gemetar dan stroke melibatkan lembut getaran dan getaran dari masing-masing

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Galvanic Spa System for Anti Aging

Galvanic Spa System for Anti Aging
How many of us wish that we looked like younger versions of ourselves? There is a lot of pressure put on us by society to always look our absolute best. Unfortunately, the group that gets hit the hardest by growing older is females. As humans, we inevitably grow older over the years and the natural signs of the growing process will begin to show on your face and body.

I don't know if this has been an issue for women since the world began or if it is a recent trend, but the fact is that younger looking is better. The world offers all kinds of plastic surgeries to help us get the face back that we used to have. No matter what advancements have been done in the field of medicine, I am the kind of person that would prefer to get my youthful looks back with anything rather than a painful surgery.

Everyone is free to choose whether or not they want to try an anti-aging product and if they do, they also will choose which type of anti-aging method they will use. There are so many creams and lotions on the market these days that I personally, would read the reviews and try all of the best ones before I went to a doctor. Then again, I am a very patient person. Lately, I've been wondering if there are any new products available.

There are some new products out that I thought were interesting.
It is part of the Galvanic Spa System which is basically like giving yourself all the benefits of going to the spa while you are at home. This system is designed to help slow the signs of aging where they start which are below the skin. There is so much damage that happens to our skin during the day with exposure to the sun and other pollutants in the atmosphere, but it can also be damaged at night by free radicals in our bodies that break down cells.

As with any skin care system this advanced, Galvanic Spa II Nu Skin will cost you a little bit of money. Just imagine how much money a facial at the nearest spa will cost you and this system you can use over and over again from your own home. It's nice to see that there are new inventions all the time for anti-aging methods if you want youthful looks, but aren't willing to pay for a surgery.

About the Author
Nu Skin (http://www.nuskin.com)develops products that benefit from some of the most advanced ingredient technologies available today

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Mengembalikan Jati Diri Bangsa

Mengembalikan Jati Diri Bangsa dengan memajukan industri spa di Indonesia adalah langkah yang sangat baik. Perjuangan bangsa Indonesia untuk mendapat pengakuan dalam industri spa berbuah beberapa penghargaan internasional antara lain "Best Destination Spa in the World" oleh media industri spa di Jerman.

Mengembalikan Jati Diri BangsaPenghargaan-penghargaan lainnya juga diberikan oleh negara lain seperti "Bali Spa as Capital Asia". Pengakuan-pengakuan ini memberi semangat juang yang tinggi terhadap anak bangsa di seluruh Indonesia untuk terus membangun mengembalikan jati diri bangsa.
Bagi anda yang masih merasa pesimis, kini bukan waktunya lagi untuk berdiam diri dan menyalahkan orang lain. Semua elemen bangsa bersatu padu memberi kekuatan dan karya nyata untuk ibu pertiwi.

Jakarta Spa dan semua tim pendukung turut memberikan sumbangsih kepada pemikiran nasionalis yang baik seperti ini.
Pesan bunga papan untuk ucapan selamat dan sukses kepada rekan bisnis Anda.