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Fish Spa Therapy - Garra Rufa

Fish Spa Therapy Treatments are growing in parts of Asia such as Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. Most of these spas employ Fish species which originate from Turky, called Garra Rufa. For decades, humans have searched for alternative methods of healing and have made pilgrimages to eastern European countries to experience the Fish Therapy at spa resorts.

The benefits of Fish Spa
  • Natural exfoliation of dead skin - Smoother and healthy glowing skin with easy moisturizer absorption
  • Promote blood circulation - micro massage sensation from these "little masseurs"
  • Lightening of minor scars
  • Easing of psoriasis and minor eczema
  • Release stress and tension - Ticklilst sensation causing perpetual laughter
  • Promote beautiful, radiant skin through cell renewal
  • Alleviate stress
  • Release fatigue.
The practice of using fish for therapeutic healing of skin conditions is known as "itchyotherapy". The fish will nibble off excess skin and exude an enzyme called dithranol (anthralin), which prevents unnatural development of the skin and stimulates healthy cells to grow. It is able to treat various skin conditions.

Garra Rufa Fish
Garra Rufa fish sometimes also known as Doctor Fish, nibble fish, or Kangal fish, feeds only on dead and problematic areas of the skin. It stimulates new healthy skin cells to grow beautifully. Garra Rufa is a fresh water fish, belonging to the family of Carp. They are found in Central Middle East, especially Turkey, Syirian, Iran dan Iraq.
It started in Kangal, Turkey where people discovered the fish's ability to cure skin diseases. Soon, the word spread and Kangal become a famous health resort specializing in this unique treatment.

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