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Hot tub spa landscaping ideas

Hot tub spa landscaping ideas
Nothing is so important to the quality of the spa as a filtering system. A dirty, blocked or simply worn filter fails in its efforts to capture pollutants. This results in muddy water, increased use of chemicals and may even put pressure on the pump, spa / s. You should clean the filter every two weeks and enjoy cleaning cartridge filter cleaning every 8 weeks. You should not assume that the filters will last 12 months - read our article The truth about spa filters and test our loved life filter test.

Turn the spa filters.
Use the filter rotation method: while cleaning your dirty filter, share a pre-washing and drying. This system will ensure you never have to wait to use the spa, spa and if it becomes cloudy, can not solve the problem immediately. Filters allow to dry completely after cleaning, soak the filter will increase efficiency and extend filter life.

Pleated filter cartridges should be washed every two weeks (prior to when the use of the spa is heavy). Use a garden hose (not a pressure washer) and apply a water jet at an angle of 45 degrees, making sure to expel the foreign body jets between each repetition. Or try the new filter cleaning Wand.
At least every 8 weeks, and always with a change of water, the cartridge you must first pre-washed and then soaked overnight (or according to package instructions) in the filter cartridge cleaner. Rinse again and let air dry.
Hot Tips and advice
• Never assume that the filters will last 12 months (they can do, but only under optimal circumstances). Without doubt, take our test estimated useful life of filter that can be specified.
• If you are in an area with hard water, it is important not to use the solution of the scale in your bathroom.
• Invest in a pre-filter to your hose. This eliminates many harmful substances before they reach your bathtub.
• Use only a product cleaner filter element is designed for cleaning the filter cartridges together.
• When cleaning, always turn the filter with a clean, dry spare.
• Never use a pressure washer or dishwasher to save the filters for cleaning. The high pressure water may damage the filter material REEMAY.
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