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Providing Pregnancy Massage When Not Trained

Providing Pregnancy Massage When Not Trained

Pregnant woman should never sleep on your stomach. This is because the weight of the uterus is removed sacral ligaments mother (lower back) and cause pain in the back (and not what you are trying to do!)

Do not massage any woman who has less than 12 weeks of pregnancy because of increased risk of miscarriage. This is something that would have done, but for reasons of insurance to be safe. A woman who lost her baby after the massage is more likely to recognize and call it a bad relationship and cause someone to massage sore muscles strong.

It may be 13 to 22 weeks pregnant woman lying on his back with a pillow under the right side / rear, but any pregnant woman is more than 22 weeks should be excluded for more than three minutes. This can be backed seats, if you work on your forehead. Lie on your back, uterine weight after 22 weeks is too much pressure on the inferior vena cava (major vein that goes to the right column) and cause wheezing and maternal restriction of nutrients and oxygen to the child.

Do you think it's generally easier and safer has always massage for pregnant women in a position to ask him to turn in the middle, which can massage both sides effectively.

When lying on the side, it would take pregnant women, knees and feet on the mattress that is firm and constant high enough to be hip for a right angle, because it is not pulling his leg at the hip and lower back. Make sure the foot is supported, because it creates more convenience for the mother.

You can use as much pressure as the client wants to work with a pregnant woman in the back. Lower back and sacrum is usually very painful and hard because of the bad position for the job is harder than the client likes to release tense muscles. The shoulders and neck are also points of pain for pregnant women, massage can be as strong or light the needs of your customer.

The only place in the body of a pregnant woman, you have to massage the legs inside. A pregnant woman's blood in a 40% increase in your body, which is thicker and more prone to clotting. It is an interesting feature of the design in the birth in case of bleeding. In general, blood clots break naturally, but if you use the pressure inside the thighs and legs, move or movement restrictions percussion or leg, which can accidentally move the clots that can lead to thrombosis (dangerous blood circulation) and cause problems for mother and child.

You can massage the legs of pregnant women with the same pressure that comfortable. Foot Massage different intention and effect of reflexology is more dangerous for the mother or child. Reflexology can be administered to a pregnant woman 13 weeks of the year, provided they stay away from reproductive and pituitary hormones, and how we can promote miscarriage or premature.

If your customer has a water retention (swelling) of the hands and feet, and be sure to use a very light pressure in these areas.

Some women really hit the belly during pregnancy, while others hate it. Ask the mother before the massage if you like touching your belly. If you want a massage, use only a light pressure with the palm of your hand (no fingers pushing or biting)


  • No massage before 13 weeks (unless you've had specific training)
  • No massaging the inner leg
  • No shaking moves on the legs
  • No massage for any pregnant lady who is bleeding
  • Always ask if there has been any complications, nausea, bleeding and if all their scans and tests have come back good.

Always ask the client to tell you if there are any sore/painful spots… never make the massage so strong it’s painful. The baby gets the same as the mum, so if she’s in pain the baby will be also. There’s a difference between a strong massage that feels good and a strong massage that is painful but the client thinks it’s doing good.

Pregnant women deserve to be massaged… so don’t be shy! If in doubt about massaging your pregnant client, don’t do it. Seek medical or other specialist health professional advice.

Massaging a woman from 13 weeks onwards during her pregnancy is a fantastic way to keep a mum-to-be relaxed and comfortable as her growing body accommodates the new weight. The main benefits of regular safe and effective mama massages are:

Relief of pain

  • Improved circulation for mother and baby
  • Improved immune system for mother and baby
  • Better sleep
  • A more relaxed attitude towards giving birth, and thus better birth outcomes
  • Better bonding between mother and baby
  • Improved chances of carry the baby to full-term
  • A healthier and calmer baby of good weight
  • Improved skin condition
  • Relief of headaches and possibly nausea
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