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Satin Maternity Pillow Help Sleep During Pregnancy

Why pregnant women should sleep on the side? Their actually are a number of reasons why the side sleeping position is healthiest during pregnancy. It has mainly to do with keeping the weight of the uterus and the enlargement of the spine and organs.

For years, pregnant women were advised to sleep on my side. Easier said than done. Some women find this uncomfortable position, or it may be the next to wake up in the back. But the parent body of the pillow can not only help you sleep like a baby during pregnancy, it helps to stay in the right side sleeping position.

When you sleep on your back during pregnancy is the weight of the uterus on the spine. This leads to back pain and cramps. More dangerous is the weight of the child resides with the inferior vena cava. This large ship is responsible for transporting blood from the lower body. With the weight of the child in this large flow of venous blood and nutrients to the placenta is compromised.

Doctors specifically recommend that pregnant women sleep on the left side. Why? Sleeping on the left side keeps the weight of the internal organs of the child. The liver, for example, is on the right side to sleep on the left hand pushes the weight of a child outside.

How you can help every body maternity pillow? These large bags are specially designed to meet the needs of pregnant women sleep. They are trained to help support the growing belly and helps the state and support for pregnant women sleep on the side, which is healthy for you and your child.

Even better Satin Pregnancy Pillow cradles the body cool and warm with a pregnant woman to sleep like a baby. So, not only a full body pillow, maternity support the position of good sleep can also help pregnant women sleep more comfortably.
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