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Mesotherapy for Your Weight loss

Mesotherapy is widely practiced for a weight-loss technique

Mesotherapy is The French technical-medical All figures are in these days. 1952 in France, developed by Dr. Michel Pistor, who was originally listed for the treatment of infectious diseases and vascular diseases, sports injuries, and improves blood circulation, technique inject small amounts of drugs in various mesoderm, the layer of fat and connective tissue under the skin. The theory is that injecting small amounts of these substances in the mesoderm, the fat is rendered below.

Since 1952, about 15,000 doctors in France and South America helped mesotherapy, and now doctors in the U.S. are quickly jumping on the bandwagon. In August, around 40 doctors attended the first intensive course in Mesotherapy in the U.S., this course offered by the International Society of Mesotherapy and Pan American Society of Mesotherapy, doctors have had to travel to France, will be presented to trained personnel.

"Spectacular" Results
One of those who did just that is Marion Shapiro, DO, a former emergency room doctor who is the director of Mesotherapy Associates PC in New York City and West Orange, N.J. Since opening her practice last year, Shapiro sees approximately 150 patients a week. Mesotherapy doesn't work in approximately 5% of patients, says Shapiro, but in the other 95%, "the results are spectacular."

Patients come to Shapiro seeking a quick fix for cellulite, spot weight reduction, or overall weight loss. The compounds injected depend upon what Shapiro is trying to treat -- i.e. cellulite vs. fat -- but generally include a combination of medications such as aminophylline and Novocain and plant extracts and vitamins. The compounds injected are all FDA-approved for their original use, says Shapiro. But they have not been approved specifically for mesotherapy.

According to Shapiro, mesotherapy can be used to treat everyone, from obese people who need treatment on the trunk, abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs, as well as those who are generally thin but frustrated at dealing with stubborn fatty areas such as saddlebags or love handles. After the fat is melted, it is naturally excreted. Unlike endermologie, a noninvasive technique of treating cellulite, mesotherapy is permanent, says Shapiro, provided the patient doesn't gain the weight back. In order to facilitate more rapid results for her patients and help them keep the weight off in the future, Shapiro gives each of her patients what she calls a "Meso Meal Plan."

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