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Luxury Spa in Jakarta

Indonesia is a melting pot of diverse cultures, a rich artistic heritage combined with modern elements, and an easy attitude that is expressed through its people, smiling faces. Jakarta as the capital of the Republic of Indonesia has a very good quality in the spa industry and clearly capable of competing with cities in other Asian. Element of tenderness, kindness to the hottest and latest services can easily be found in Jakarta, a large city.

Jakarta is a modern city, many tall buildings of concrete and steel that stood firm, but also a city of contrasts. Here a lot of mixed ideas and cultural assimilation of all Indonesian provinces, too many countries. Spa services are also, surprisingly progressive and traditional treatment menu in Jakarta boasts the same size and contemporary holistic treatment that will leave the sensation and the real outcome of the existing spa impressed even enthusiastic.

The Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place
The Ritz Carlton is located in Sudirman, the heart of downtown, this boutique hotel offers a choice of spa treatments for an original world inspired by the traditions developed to respond to the lifestyle of the city. The most popular Magic Rain Forest 150 minutes, a refreshing anti-aging is-inspired by the ancient Maya traditions, with ingredients from the rainforest and powerful potions. Vitamin C and antioxidant rich fruit and pomegranate body scrub stars shine skin gently to Complete facials and detoxifying herbs and passion that complements the implementation of any form of exploitation Buriti. The treatment includes massage and traditional Maya is crowned with the use of hibiscus and passionflower moisturizing gel to tighten the skin.

The hotel is located in the Golden Triangle, starting from a spa-like atmosphere and a range of spa and innovative devices, including its luxury spa with outdoor pool. Remarkably, the 90-minute massage "Mystic Touch" which begins with a foot bath, followed by a combination of different techniques of massage and aromatherapy oils, then a relaxing swim in the warm pool and works wonders.


Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa

Literally translated as "the bathing place", Taman Sari was traditionally a sacred place where the Sultan and the royal family of Java relaxed and recharged. By entering this spa two floors will meet with exotic aromas that instantly transported to another time and place. The treatment begins with the provider of health care before taking a pretty batik clothes Jammu therapist accompanies you into a processing chamber. Having considered a rich menu of treatment, I opted for the 90-minute Jamu massage. It consists of a combination of aromatherapy, herbs, massage therapy, and detoxification of these rituals began with the deceased therapist gently rub and massage his body massaged with oil before being steamed with herbs. Java massages, which allows you to filter the following grass juices in your body.


Martha Tilaar Centre

Martha Tilaa believes that "Born In Indonesia, a woman must be beautiful to be beautiful, but they should know how to carry out their beauty," and that's the philosophy that revolves around the center of the same name. An example of Java mild splendor at its best, is the spa with Borobudur, statues of the goddess, etched glass doors and beautifully carved teak furniture. Through the history of East Java, the ritual of the Princess Kender product is a wonderful treatment that begins with a massage, followed by "(Lulur traditional bush-sign) and herbal steam bath. The treatment ends when the body lotion is Kenanga with jasmine and anointed.


Bimasena Spa @The Dharmawangsa

Bimasena Spa is located in the upscale residential district of Kebayoran Baru, Bimasena Spa is located in one of the most elegant hotels and elegant city. Complete with a fitness center and indoor pool, a spa is a world unto itself. To test the ultimate spa experience, the two hours of treatment and half chocolate. Starting with a massage at the white chocolate butter body scrub and chocolate cinnamon body, decadent ritual by jumping into the body of dark chocolate mousse, chocolate and champagne jacuzzi, before following the use of the lotion body and an organic chocolate lip balm.


Grand Odesius Fitness Centre & Spa

Grand Odesius is located across from the Plaza Indonesia (the most modern and successful part of the city), the Grand Odesius Spa is a favorite haunt of tourists from Japan. One of the most popular is the real legacy of ritual body begins with a footbath cleansing scrub followed by a full body aromatherapy massage and relaxation. The first part removes dead cells from the skin and leaves skin soft and smooth, while the second stimulates the blood circulation. A body mask is then applied before swimming in a bath of fresh flower petals. After a more moisturizing RUB and hot tea with ginger, you will feel truly pampered.

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