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Indonesia SPA Service Regulation

Ministry of Health Library of RI
This information service is provided by the departments and units at the Departemen Kesehatan, in collaboration with the Perpustakaan Departemen Kesehatan, Republik Indonesia.
  • Title: Keputusan Menteri Kesehatan Republik Indonesia Nomor 1205/MENKES/SK/VII/2004 tentang Pedoman persyaratan kesehatan pelayanan sehat pakai air (SPA) - [PERATURAN]
  • Authors: Departemen Kesehatan RI
  • Issue Date: 19-Oct-2004
  • Publisher: Departemen Kesehatan RI
  • Type: Article
  • Gov't Doc #: KEPMENKES Nomor 1205/MENKES/SK/VII/2004
  • URI: http://www.perpustakaan-depkes.org:8180/handle/123456789/909
  • Appears in Collections: Peraturan, Keputusan, Undang-undang dan Surat Edaran - Perpustakaan / MoH Library
Traditional health effort is organized health efforts in other ways outside of medicine that includes a way-technique (method), medicines, facilities and therapists (HR, organizer) that refers to knowledge, experience and skills from generation to generation, whether obtained by studied or through education.

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