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Baby Spa at Home Treatment

Baby Spa at Home Treatment

Unfortunately for young parents, babies don't come with instruction manuals. So when it comes to even the simplest tasks, such as bathing and cutting of nails, some parents feel confused. If you are the child care basics are not sure, here is a guide to help you, as simple as loving your child healthy.

Taking care of baby: baby baths
Until your baby's umbilical cord falls off, which usually takes place after the first week, always from the bathroom. Instead, you give your child a sponge, wash, or "top and tail". Here's how:
  1. Place the baby on a towel. If it is cold, you can remove one garment at a time when your child brush.
  2. Gently wash your baby's face with a warm, wet washcloth. But you do not use soap.
  3. Add soap to the cloth to the baby's body. Wash the area last layer.
  4. Rinse the baby with the water and pat your baby dry.
  5. Cup your hand under hot water and pour it gently on the head of her child to wet the hair of the child.
  6. A small amount of baby shampoo on the hair of your child. Gently wipe with a circular motion, then with a plastic cup or your hand to the shampoo.
Do not use lotions for your child, especially avoid that for adults. Some people use a little "rubbing alcohol on a rope, as recommended by your doctor or midwife for every bathroom.

Whether you bathe your child is a children pool, sink or tub with you. But when you consider that children are Slippery When Wet, some parents feel more able to tackle the bathroom in the room for a smaller tub for a bath or sink.

The most important thing to remember about bathtime is never leave your baby unattended. Children can slip and are easily overwhelmed, even in shallow waters. Use a bath seat for your child is not certain that your child is safe in the bathtub. Many places can happen with ease. If you leave the room, wrap your baby in a towel and take your child with you.

Here are some tips to make your baby a bath:
  1. Place the washcloth, soap and shampoo - all you need for the bathroom - very narrow. In this way, do not leave the room when your child in the bathtub. In addition, exposure of the baby diapers and clothing, where you can easily retrieve the files after the bath.
  2. Fill the bathtub with two or three centimeters of water. The bathroom should be warm but not cook. To ensure that the water the correct temperature, test first with the elbow. Make sure the heater is set no more than 49 degrees Celsius (120 degrees) Fahrenheit, so you do not accidentally scald the skin of your child.
  3. Wash the child's face gently with a damp cloth. Use a cotton ball or wet washcloth (no soap) to clean the baby's eyes and face. Clean the inside of each eye outward. Make sure that you are the dried bark of the child's nose and eyes.
  4. Flannel, soap (a mild, tearless, soap or baby wash) and clean your child's body from top to bottom and from front to back. Be sure to clean the inside of each fold. Wash the area last layer.
  5. Fill a haircut with water to bathe your baby. Apply a small amount of baby shampoo on the head of her child. Rub in a gentle circular motions. Keep your baby's head in the neck, if not lead the shampoo into the eyes of the child.
  6. Fill the cup again with clean water to rinse your baby's hair and body.
  7. Wenn Sie heben sich Ihr Baby Bad, die Unterst├╝tzungskasse Ihr Kind mit einer Hand und das Kind Kopf und Nacken mit einander. Make sure a tight grip, so that the child does not slip.
  8. You do not need to use lotions, but you can after a bath when baby's skin is particularly dry.
  9. After the bath, wrap your baby in a towel and gently pat your child dry.

Taking care of baby: cradle cap
E 'for the joint development of children, scaly, red patches of skin on the scalp is called cradle cap. This is not a big problem and can be easily treated. Here's how:
  1. Before bathing, massage the baby a little bit of Vaseline, baby oil or olive oil into the scalp to loosen your baby dry skin. Oils or lotions with peanut or nuts such as peanuts, should be avoided until after 5 years.
  2. Rub the oil on the scalp of a child with a soft brush or flannel, to release the flakes.
  3. Wash your hair soft with baby shampoo baby.
Cradle cap is expected to improve themselves. If it sticks, or spread to the child's face, neck or other body parts, ask your doctor. You need a stronger prescription for hair shampoo for your child and a cortisone cream for the body of her child.

Taking care of baby: cutting nails
Because your baby's fingernails grow very quickly and babies can easily scratch themselves, file or cut the nails about twice a week. Your baby's toenails don't grow as quickly. You can probably get away with cutting them a couple of times a month. Just watch out for any jagged edges that you may need to trim.

Whether you opt for baby scissors, a baby nail clipper, or a nail file is up to you. Considering the tiny size of your baby's nails, decide which one you're most comfortable using. Filing generally runs less of a risk that you'll cut your baby's skin. Never bite off your baby's nails -- you could give your baby an infection.

Here are some tips to make cutting your baby's nails easier:
  1. Cut your baby's nails after a bath, when they're softer. Sometimes it helps to trim a baby's nails when the baby is asleep and relaxed.
  2. If you use scissors or a nail clipper, press the skin under the nail down so you can get to the nail more easily. It may help to have your partner hold the baby's hand steady the first few times so you can concentrate on cutting.
  3. Trim your baby's fingernails following the natural curve of the nail. Cut toenails straight across.
  4. Use a nail file after clipping to smooth any jagged edges.
  5. If you accidentally nip your baby's skin with the scissors, apply gentle pressure with a tissue or piece of gauze. Use a tiny bit of ointment on the cut. Don't put on a plaster because your baby could choke on it.
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