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Baby Massage

Baby Massage has been practised since ancient times. It is a gentle massage technique applied to baby in order to promote the well being of the infant and to facilitate bonding between baby and parents.

The most important factors that affect bonding between mother or father and infant are eye and skin contactm and the sound of a parent's voice. Both parental and infant hormones that enhance bonding are activated when they are in close contact with each other through touching and stroking.

Baby Massage Spa provides benefits of Baby Massage:
  • Helps Baby relax
  • Stimulates circulation, digestion and neurological development
  • Promotes more restful sleep
  • Improves Baby's immune system
  • Helps relieve pain from colic, gas and teething
  • Promotes healthy weight gain
  • Enhances sensory awareness
  • Stimulates growth promoting hormones
  • Provide Baby with lots of loving touch and connection
  • Increases bonding and attachment between Baby and Parents
Baby Massage can be done at any age after birth (0-3 years old)

The length of time for Baby Massage depends on how old they are. The sessions are usually 20-30 minutes including Parents' education on how to do Baby Massage at home.

Benefits to Parents:
  • Build confidence in Baby handling
  • Provides opportunity to learn to read Baby's cues
  • Creates special focus time between Parents and Baby
  • Deepen the bond between Parents and Baby
  • Provides tool for calming and settling Baby
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