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Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation, One of the most studied and controversial type of meditation. Its goal is to increase their creativity and intelligence. Under this strategy, you need some positions and special breathing techniques, complex master. The concentration must be on a chair or sit in a comfortable position.

Currently, the meditation has become almost a necessity because a lot of competition and conflict. People are trying to rest and peace • spirit. They began to understand some important things missing in their lives. Perhaps you belong to one of them. To set up to meet this demand through meditation centers for meditation practitioners and experts offer their help and a sense of clarity.

If it is difficult to meditate, the binaural beats be of great help for you. Synchronized by providing access to both sides of the brain. And often created only after a long masters of meditation and they are getting. Through these binaural beats with ease, a state of being that is suitable for the spiritual work.

Knowing documented that there is a big difference in the activity of the two hemispheres of the brain. If one side is more active than the other side can lead to disease.

With binaural beats create uniformity on both sides of the brain. This happens, for example, through transcendental meditation, too. Binaural beats are two pure tones of slightly different frequencies, and separated from the left and right ear, but played at the same time. For example, on the one hand, there are tones of 110 Hz, 100 Hz and the other brain detects the difference at 10 hertz, and then will be able to feel the frequency in the middle of our brain.

GateLight music is really more to consider:

Earth and sky - music for meditation, binaural beats, is a new and wow it's great!

Earth and Sky: immerse yourself in this wonderful land of the divine music of the angels, and then return to earth. You will be redirected to the fore again the welfare of the highest value. Let us love the sound of light, which can lower the return to Earth. This is a great spiritual experience, not wishing to lose.

In severe shock to the Holy Land, the didgeridoo, the old songs, take it to the mystical realm of silent meditation, is a spiritual journey, with its higher amazing!

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