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Bale-bale Spa Enhance Your Beauty

Bale-bale Spa Enhance Your Beauty

Henna / toning (60 to 120 minutes)
Coloring hair naturally without using chemical substances, so as not to damage the hair and does not prevent Muslim women in worship.

For routine maintenance, are also needed straightening and cutting hair at regular intervals so that the roots of healthy and strong hair, hair can grow fast and thick.

Manicure / PEDICURE (60 minutes)
Smoothing nail hands and feet with the formation of a neat nails and cuticles around the nail-making that often give the impression of a dry and dirty. Gehwoll supplement works to strengthen the nails.

BATHING MILK (20 minutes)
As Perfection Spa & improvements relaxasi very useful for healthy skin & body.

FRENCH Manicure (60 minutes)
Coloring nails with the French style nail tip white colored which gives a clean impression on the finger and very interesting / trendy.

FOOT MASSAGE & FOOT SCRUB (30 - 45 minutes)
Special treatment that can eliminate foot sore and cleaning the palm of the thickening, through a concentrated massage on the soles of the feet, submersion in the special fluid (Gehwoll) and use a pumice stone cleaning and scrubbing functions to prevent dry skin or smell.

Waxing (15 - 60 minutes)
Appointment of excess hair using special sugars (sugarine) and perapihan with threads (threading) so that the fur will grow back finer and longer than using a razor.

Eyelashes Curling (60 minutes)
Eyelashes Curling which lasted 2-3 months, so look more beautiful without being pinned with a special tool every trip.

Bale Bale Spa, Women Special Spa to be enhanced in relaxation and beauty.

Pesan bunga papan untuk ucapan selamat dan sukses kepada rekan bisnis Anda.

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