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Rumah Turi Spa Hotel in Solo

Hotel in Solo

Rumah Turi Spa Hotel in Solo

Conceived as a haven of relaxation and traditional style, rumah Turi Hotel in Solo offers a cool, traditional Javanese retreat for young urbanites and executives. The hotel’s clean, calm lines embrace an abstract-minimalist interior. The name rumah Turi comes from Indonesia Javanese meaning ‘peace’, which suitably describes the refreshing character of the hotel and the reaction of most guests.

Solo Hotels
The charming, Solo homey hotel takes pride in its eco-conscious philosophy as well as its strong, professional commitment to go beyond guests’ expectations throughout their stay. The eco-hotel’s facilities and impeccable service are designed and executed with your needs and comfort in mind, making a stay at rumah Turi a uniquely genuine and personal experience no words can describe enough about.

Solo Home Stay Hotel
Guided by high standards of service excellenceand hospitality while putting more emphasis on the subtleties of human touch that all travellers need, rumah Turi eco hotel employs a staff of amiable yet professional people ready to give you exclusive treatments, making your stay a uniquely distinct experience.
Available services for the guest:
  • The ultimate pampering Rejuvenation Spa treatment
  • Javanese traditional massages, the most famous massage in the world
Visit your a feel at home Hotel in Solo, Rumah Turi.

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