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Bale Bale Spa, Women Special Spa

Bale Bale Spa is a woman special spa who has been known since 2000 with a variety of unique and special thing that is difficult to find on other Spa.
Natural atmosphere, traditional and full of family is very thick. Soft music & special relaxation massage performed by a trained therapist to give satisfaction to our customers.

a unique escape & Spa stop'n

Business type: Service hair & body are traditional treatments with an emphasis / highlight elements RELAXATION.

Market Segment: Special lady who likes to treat herself to fitness and health of body and soul
  • 25% Student
  • Foreigners 15%
  • 25% women working
  • 15% Housewife
  • 10% Artist & Model10% Other

LULUR / BODY SCRUB (90 minutes)
Allows you to brighten a dull skin through the removal of dead skin cells by brushing (scrubbing) the whole body and hydrate skin. There are additional ingredients such as fruit Avocado, Strawberry, Green Tea or Coffee.

Eliminate aches, skin and mind healthy through the whole body massage with oil bervitamin and nutrition, as well as with scent that can be inhaled in order to provide specific stimuli in accordance with the scent of your choice. (Extract of flowers / herbs, Detox & Slimming, Cold & Flu, Slimming, Strawberry, Vanilla, Lotus, etc.).

Appointment of dead skin with a scrub (scrubbing) the entire body followed by a 1 hour relaxing massage with aroma oil of your choice.

Special care when cleaning the back of the back is more difficult to do alone in the bath, Suitable for pregnant women, menstruating or who do not have much time. Treatment through massage and scrubbing with a comfortable position on a special table.

TOTOK FACE + mask (45 minutes)
Relaxation face often looks tired because of certain muscles such as the neck and around the eyes. Massage can restore freshness especially faces. After treatment of facial mask provides nutrients and vitamins are required in accordance with the skin condition of each of mask fresh kiwi and strawberry.

Creambath / HAIR SPA / HAIR mask (60 minutes)
Restructuring the scalp, hair and hair roots through relaxing massage the scalp with the cream of the fruit / vegetables / herbs that can provide nutrition and viatamin necessary (option: Avocado, Carrots, Ginseng, Kemiri, Aloe Vera, yogurt, etc.)

Empon - medicinal (20 minutes)
As a special treatment for her intimate parts, made of roots and herbs which are natural, useful for women's health.

Pesan bunga papan untuk ucapan selamat dan sukses kepada rekan bisnis Anda.

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