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Dracula Therapy - Self Serum Anti Aging

Dracula Therapy to kill face wrinkles
by The UK Daily Mail reports

"Dracula Therapy", which was presented in London by the Daniel Sister, anti aging-French cosmetic doctor, promises again dull and wrinkled with a clean shot of a person's blood. The doctor takes a vial of blood, and differs in its essentials, the red cells, platelets, and serum clear. The doctor then added vitamins and amino acids to the mixture and enriched serum injected into his face.

Dr. Sister Claims Self serum stimulated or S3, stimulates DNA repair, heals wounds and revitalizes the skin without synthetic fillers or laser treatments invasive and shriveled skin.

For skeptics who believe that S3 resembles something of the "Twilight" series, dentists who own regenerating serum of patients with gingival recession in more than two decades.

Several studies in the United States show that injecting platelet-rich plasma in sports injuries helps athletes recover more rapidly when the serum is rich in natural proteins that promote the healing process and can damage the body rich in reverse.

"I thought that if the serum treatment was good enough for the bones and soft tissues, such as gum, so it might be better in the skin," says sister.

These alternative therapies will bleed it dry well, but - every visit is a little over $ 800, and Dr. Sister recommend follow-up visits every four to six months.

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