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Gold Facial and Body Care Embraces Your own Unique Beauty

For more than five thousand years, the genuine gold was decorated in all cultures in the human body. Always admired for his ability to remain unchanged over time, and without blemish, and the environment, for pure gold as a natural end. Gold remains a source of inspiration, art, creativity, charisma, and, of course, Enduring Love. It's supported by our senses and fires our imagination. The family of these plants for cosmetics, gold and the magic and beauty and massage beauty professionals and companies who seek the added value of breathtaking beauty and excellent customer service and product offerings.

With over 140 years as one of the leading producers of gold, gold is the standard treatment for carriers of the cosmetics industry. Hygiene impeccable dermatològicament tested and certified class cosmetic special alloy of gold and the highest quality on the market. Gold Leaf thinness is exactly equal to 0.0001 mm (one tenth) micron, creating a dish with an atomic weight of the fine and translucent screen. The slabs are then cut to specific sizes and colors of natural cosmetics in flakes and powder.

Designed for professionals in the hospitality, spa and salon environment, the true 24KGold Leaf 's does not change the brightness and the production of exquisite thinness magical effects. Increase youth, to reduce the impact of age, and gives a brilliant classic. The purity and the warmth and glow, and the sedative effects may stimulants as part of a massage or a facial body. 23k Gold Nail Care provides extra polish for weddings, nights first haute couture ensembles and festive celebrations. If your customers enjoy an unforgettable massage or skin treatment or a big party, their beauty of gold increased.

Especially for cosmetics and skin / hair / body / key suppliers, the process allows the production of specific times or Essentials, a lot of flakes of gold leaf, dust micromalla ideal for creating interesting and new lines luxury products. Based on the experience of casting alloy offers superior color refraction of light and a wide range of colors for every skin type. They offer a full range of beauty industry for face beauty and body treatments to create, manicure, pedicure, creams, lotions, gels, perfumes, bath oils, dust, hair, paints, cosmetics and much more. If a stable, pure gold is very compatible with all current treatments for the skin and remains the common denominator among the world's most fascinating of beauty and fashion.

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