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Video Indramayu - The Exotic Place in West Java

Video Indramayu

Indramayu is the city has a high economic potential in West Java. This town has been known throughout Indonesia, there is even named mango called "manga Indramayu". Indeed this area is rich in agricultural produce and the sea. Another famous product is Indramayu shrimp crackers.

Indramayu famous resident polite and friendly. They are very open to the elements because the city's immigrants, including the bustling city to trading activity. Many industries that are here, including a traditional batik industry Indramayu.

This video shows pieces Indramayu corners of the city. This video was made by Ibn Abbas and idah Rusmidah, a couple who is very concerned with the growth of the city of Indramayu. They want to introduce to the international world of the city's potential is real.

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