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Cantik, pijat, spa dan salon for Indonesian

Cantik (beautiful), pijat (massage), spa and salon are the words that very popular for Indonesian people in internet search engine. When jakarta spa teams do keyword / market research for spa industry in google insight, and then the words appear to occupy a high rank to the root of the word spa for region of Indonesia.

This is actually not different from the real world. Nature of the desire to be beautiful with a relaxation massage in the spa places with the best service as well decorate themselves in the salon is a characteristic of the people of Indonesia for some, especially the middle-top.

Beauty care indeed is not a cheap thing. Modern beauty treatments in the spa and the salon always offers a variety massage to maintain fitness and healthy mind. Women who grow as the workers rise to new trends for them to enjoy the beauty of maintenance services. And beauty industry is also growing very rapidly accompany the needs of an increasingly high demand.

Cosmetics industry and traditional treatment does not stay still, take the portion of the existing market. Because of the complexity of Indonesia, the cause of the variations in demand is also high. Each person comes from the root of culture each bit does not even come from the cultural mix. Foreign players from neighboring countries are also trying market exists. Even stranger the method is very attractive people in Jakarta, in particular, especially from India and China. Term asimilation beauty is not avoided, so add richness language vocabulary for bahasa Indonesia.

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