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Jakarta Muslim Salon Spa

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The muslim salon spa located on Margonda Jalan Raya, Depok, West Java very close to Jakarta. The salon occupies two floors, dominated by the dark window and look in the mirror curtained pink. Conditions that ensure that the seemingly impossible can see the activities that take place in the salon is a special Muslim.

Once entered the Muslim salon Spa, wave music nasyid lunge. On the floor of the salon, a number of young woman's treatment center and facial hair. They served the kapster Muslim women apparel. The serious look that kapster serve customers. There is no voice chat or giggle laughter relaxed fellow kapster, which are usually found in the salon-salon general. Only occasionally hear a conversation between the customer and kapster at the serve.

The atmosphere is quiet again in the second floor, which is used as a room service spa. Some young women are seen to enjoy spa services, luluran, and massage.

May be spelled out, quiet atmosphere in contrast with the fact that the salon visited about 40 customers each day is. "Since salon stand, public interest is high," said the owner. "Not only student, worker, and housewives are also our customers," the officer added that the operational.

Since established in 2003, the salon that specialized services for the muslimah. Founders, two brothers and Yuli Astuti Lindawati, go to the salon. Only, the two Muslim brothers is difficult to find a special salon muslimah. Finally, they agreed to establish the salon spa in the Margonda, Depok. "The reason is because the area was the center of student ago thatch, University of Indonesia campus and the many other jilbab," explained.

Muslim salon spa now has three branches that spread in Jabodetabek. Plus four other branches through franchises in Jakarta and Palembang, South Sumatra. According to marketing, to salon franchise fee is around Rp 50 million. "But not including buildings, electricity, and some other things," he said.

Muslim salon spa is one of the salon and spa that is now expand in major cities in Indonesia. In fact, given a beauty treatment salon and spa that is almost the same as the salon and spa in general. The employees in the salon and spa are all Muslim jilbab women.
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