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Modern Spa Facilities in Jakarta

Modern Spa Facilities in Jakarta

Is very beneficial for your skin because it increases your blood flow, opens your pores which removes your dead skin and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. The Steam room is also very beneficial for your lungs; it also helps with your upper respiratory tract, coughs, people who smoke, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, and pains from the movements from joints. The stream room is also beneficial for people with sleeping orders, dry and poor skin circulation, chapped lips and skin, muscle tension from stress or strain.

Alleviates pain and improve joint mobility. It does not cause your skin to dry but actually cleanses it and removes dead cells, and may even benefit patients with psoriasis. Frequent use of the Sauna can reduce incidences of the common cold and increases performances for endurance sports because it increases the plasma and red cell volume in your blood. Sauna has shown to clear organic chemicals, solvents, drugs and unwanted poisons from your body.

Cold Whirlpool
A cold shower after a sauna can reduce pain in rheumatoid arthritis and improves blood circulation; which improves your body’s anti-oxidants and which in turn improves you immune system. Using the “cold shower” after or in combination with the sauna can improve conditions such as cardiovascular conditions, cancer, pulmonary diseases, diabetes, inflammatory bowel diseases, osteoporosis and aging. “Cold showers” also stimulates and productions of hormones such as testosterone in men.

Hot Whirlpool
A heated whirlpool with pressurized jets that circulate the water targets certain pressure points of the body. The heat from the whirlpool relaxes stiffened muscles and joints in your body, which relaxes your mind. This is a form of hydrotherapy.

Fitness Centre
Enjoy the Fitness facilities! You can work out and stay fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Afterwards you can head straight for the hot whirlpool and sauna to loosen up your muscles or just relax in luxury afterwards.

Oxygen Room
Relax, and enjoy the oxygen treatment, where pure oxygen is used for cleansing and revitalizing your body. It is highly recommended for anti-aging. It is probably the best place to relax and take a nap, while your body recovers and regenerates.

Cafe and Internet
Provide food and beverages while sitting for relaxing. Free to focus on your guests, whether they are clients, business associates, family or friends.
While you relax in cafe, feel free to browse the FREE wireless Internet or hop on one of computers in the cafe.

The rooms are designed to provide customers with the best atmosphere for each visit, keep in mind relaxation and comfort a top priority.
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