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Aromatherapy Spa and its benefits

Aromatherapy Spa

Aromatherapy is known as one of the ways health care therapy that is safe and comfortable with using the essential oil (quintessence) extraction of flowers, leaves, fruits and other parts of the plants.

Benefits of aromatherapy
Aromatherapy beneficial to accelerate the skin rejuvenation through the essential oils seep into the skin increasing blood flow, prevent the occurrence of various diseases because of anti-bacterial, neutralize tension, reduce stress and provide comfort (relaxing) of aroma essential oil sniffed, normalize metabolism and respiration Mobile, increase vitality and help burn fat over the product, and improve the venter moisturizing oxygen and remove toxic on the skin, helps set the body's balance and stimulate the process of therapy.

How to use
Using Java Oil is wiping, massaging and let the aroma create a relaxing atmosphere, refreshing and stimulating you.
Aromatic treatment can be useful for facial beauty. Spread some drops of essential oil on the face and neck, massage gently.

For optimal results, steam face with hot water in a container that has been dropped essential oil.

Variety aromatherapy
Aromatherapy can be used as needed. Eg Acne Oil eukalipti which contain oil and various essential oils can be a pimple without leaving the former as well as to balance the oil production / soap excessive.

To eliminate and prevent the occurrence of lines wrinkles on the face can use the Anti wrinkle Oil contains the essential oil of fennel, patchouli and carrot essential oil and various others.

Lemon essential oil kenanga in Oil Spot can be calm and clean the skin, remove the stains on the skin as well as sublime.

In addition to facial, aromatherapy is also nutritious for the body and emotional health. For examples are Relaxing Oil containing oil of nutmeg, geranium rosa and the palm oil and other essential, nutritious merilekskan and the tension / stress due to physical and psychological exhaustion.

Specialties Love Oil nutritious passionate love to add, with various ingredients such as essential oil and sandalwood oil kenanga.

Pain Relief Oil contains essential oil of ginger, nutmeg, white wood and a nutritious eucalypti overcome stiff, sore muscles and stiff joints, and restore the condition of the body.

Cellulite Oil contains numerous kenanga essential oil, patchouli essential oil and other nutritious to remove all the thigh, pinggul, arms and other body parts.

The latter is a Carrier Oil (Soya Bean Oil), which contains pure soybean oil mixture to concentrate the aromatic oils can also be used for massage.

Now you already know the fruit, flowers and plants, what can be used in aromatherapy and its savor. Now it's time for you to prove property aromatherapy.

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