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Day Spa by Martha Tilaar

Day Spa by Martha Tilaar
oase the perfect style for your busy life

Day Spa by Martha Tilaar is inspired the concept of total beauty that is known by the term "Rupasampat Wahyabiantara" that is a blend of harmonious balance between physical and spiritual beauty. Beauty is the outer face and body of elegance. While beauty is a moral magnanimity that radiate out from the body / soul someone. Where is this beautiful natural completely exactly described Goddess Saraswati in the beauty radiated from the four hands of each symbol-a symbol of female perfection, which is the first hand holding rosary symbolizing ketaqwaan and spiritual closeness to God Almighty, both hands holding the siter said the words and behavior of good and harmonious and the ability to communicate, third hand holding the flower symbolizes femininity (beauty of face and body) and the hand holding the fourth leaf represents Lontar education or science. In addition, Goddess Saraswati is also depicted standing on the lotus flower, which means that a woman must be rigid and not easily affected by a bad environment in the surrounding areas.

Term SPA, according to Dr. Martha Tilaar Spa is the concept of Indonesia, which was taken from the word Shui Amarta PANI, which is: Shui (China) means that water, PANI (India) and water means Amarta (Indonesia) means life, so that the PANI Amarta Shui means water life, because the body's main component is water and without water we can not live. Many of us use the water to release the fatigue, refreshing body and mind and so, therefore, SPA also means healing through water.

Based on the wisdom and philosophy of a culture combined with modern technology that is the Martha Tilaar Salon & Day Spa present oase of life as the perfect lifestyle in the middle of your busy and able to change your appearance to be more beautiful and elegant with a self-indulgently like the queen to release fatigue in a feel of the experience of relaxation and unforgettable fun.

Total beauty concept that is applied in the Martha Tilaar Salon & Day Spa is a full concept of good care and treatment outside in the (body, soul and mind) from the tip of the hair to toe, including cosmetology face, hair, hands and feet. Treatment can be enjoyed in the spa's exclusive ambiance with a touch of governance architecture Bali and Java, where the material ninterior using natural materials such as wood and stones that the atmosphere is really natural and comfortable. Products used in treatment is a natural product and the exclusive high-quality and diperkaya with active natural ingredients that come from a variety of biodiversity dibudidayakan organically.

All of beauty therapist Martha Tilaar Salon & Day Spa comes from the beauty school graduates are the options that are strictly therapeutist beauty and is a professional and have been trained because the training program is intensive training in the center (training center) in the Bali Sari for about 6 months . This training includes theoretical, practical treatment of natural hair to the tip of the toe based on the culture of Indonesia. They have been trained by professional trainers, so was really ready to work to ensure smooth operations and to ensure standard application of optimal quality of service.

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