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Spa Business in Jakarta become Huge

Spa Business in Jakarta , has now become a part of life style over the middle of Jakarta. Therefore, it seems that spas which can make the body back in shape and beautiful stand out in various places with various of the more interesting packages.

The growth of business areas such as spa body treatment, starting from women's desire to restore the body's condition after a variety of routine activities. In fact, the treatment package is more developed and varied. Reflection from massage, body massage, to lulur as core spa treatment, with bath in the water or milk aromatherapy. However, the places of spa in Jakarta also often get a negative response.

Spa business is the more arouse. Because one of the spa manager confess, capital to build the spa around Rp 100 million, in 1.5 years is almost back capital. Even a spa that is for the middle area in West Jakarta, a day can result in a Rp 1.5 million to Rp 4 million.

Meanwhile, the price offered by the various spa vary. Spa for the middle, the pricing ranges from Rp 120 thousand to Rp 170 thousand. While the top spa, charge can reach millions of rupiah

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