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Spa Etiquette: 5 Things To Do

SPA Etiquette: 5 Things To Do
Before Going To Jakarta Spa

1. Make an appointment
First, make an appointment via phone at least 3 days to 1 week before treatment, so that you can get the schedule and the therapist are the most fitting time as needed. Do not go slashing come to the show, especially when the spa weekend because usually fully booked sure. Try also on time when making an appointment to schedule your treatment is not replaced by another customer.

2. Clear Up The Schedule
Do not make too many promises on H day, so that day treatment is free and you do not hurry. Later throughout the treatment, even stressful to think you make a pact next. Provide time about 3 hours to schedule a spa the most basic.

3. Be Resourceful!
Take advantage of the google facilities to find out the types of spa treatments that suit your needs. Want to reduce fat? try massage body contour! Just relax muscle due to too much overtime? Body wellness could be options. Finding informations easier for you determine the right choice. At least visit http://www.jakarta-spa.com

4. Eat Two Hours Before
Make sure your stomach is filled with snacks (fresh fruit juice or piece is the best choice) a few hours before but not until too full, so you do not hunger and dehydration during treatment.

5. Turn Off Your Mobile Phone
Not just change the profile to be silent, watch! Non enable HP for 2 hours will make you 'free' from the phone and SMS interference. Enjoy the moment when you massage in the serene atmosphere so that the mind can become clear and the body was rileks. Do not forget to inform first boyfriend, husband, parents, friends that do not get confused looking for you.

Happy trying and feel the experience of a spa experiences.

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