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Taman Sari Spa founder, Mooryati Soedibyo

Mooryati Soedibyo founder of Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa, Mustika Ratu

BRA Mooryati Soedibyo born in Surakarta, 5 January 1928. She is a daughter KRMTA Poornomo Hadiningrat, Regent Brebes. Her mother is GRA. Kussaalbiyah, a daughter of Sri Susuhunan Pakubuwono X. Since the age of 3 years she lived with her grandfather, Sri Susuhunan Pakoe Boewono X in the environment of the Surakarta palace, known as a center of culture and source Java. As a grown daughter in the Kingdom of Surakarta palace, under the supervision of her grandmother and grandfather. Aristocrat family tradition that has become the day-to-day life of this daughter little since. With the very patient and attention, this palace daughter learn skills natural materials compound to create Jamu for health care and beauty. In the Palace that is the Mooryati education which is very traditional Javanese emphasize manners, art and classical dance, karawitan, to make, ngadi saliro, ngadi busono, the vegetation nutritious, traditional herbal medicine and cosmetics from natural materials, literature and literacy, and tembang langgam macapat, and other cultural arts.

Led directly by the grandparent, BRA Mooryati learn not only knowledge but also inherit herbal choose nutritious, and compoundt them become a useful ingredient for the health and beauty that only a monopoly of the nobleman. Turn age 15 years, the BRA has Mooryati cosmetology techniques well. Princess deft that this start to help make up dancers Bedhaya and Serimpi would debut at the palace.

In the year 1956, BRA Mooryati married life and leave the palace that served well. She began to plunge to the public, to enter the life of marriage with assisting in the duties of her husband. With this new life, came the opportunity to develop her skills. Spending fill in time, this young mother make lulur and herbal medicine, jamu for free to the colleague's wife and her husband considered as a hobby. Following the husband, KRMH. Ir. Soedigjo Poerba Hadiningrat MS, who served in many foreign cities, she fills the time with compound lulur and herbal medicine that is distributed free of charge to mothers friend. The long run, a lot of products ordered. Until finally she decided to sell the product to cover the cost of making ingredients. Finally, start of 1973, she began to concentrate full make herbal medicine were two friends, with a capital initial Rp 25,000. She started as a home industry, which is the garage of the house. And at that time she has been around 45 years. Not long after, in 1975 officially established Mooryati Soedibyo PT Mustika Ratu.

Along with the sound spirit "back to nature", many people around the world are now increasingly enjoy products made of natural materials and the production process does not damage the preservation of nature.

This company has grown based on the old principle. Products, traditional herbal medicine and cosmetics Mustika Ratu is made from natural materials. Almost all of our products according to recipes mixed ancestors, heritage palace Hadiningrat Surakarta, inherited down the decline. But now these products are made using modern techniques and machines that meet the strict quality standards and safety. As a business house, now the company has grown into a large consumer products. Products Mustika Ratu now occupy top positions in the domestic market and well received in overseas markets, such as Malaysia and Singapore. Starting from this success, the company plans to increase penetration and export to international markets. Mustika Ratu now concentrate his efforts on cosmetics products and traditional herbal medicine, a product category - the type of product or brand - continues to grow.

In the year 1978 products ranging Mustika Ratu known and distributed to stores, through the salon, beauty salon who ask to be agents. In the early 1980 Mustika Ratu begin to develop the kind of traditional cosmetics. Years passed, the company is becoming increasingly large. Society began to recognize and use familiar products beauty traditional output Mustika Ratu, even now the products have penetrated up to Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Middle East, Russia, Netherlands, Egypt, China, Australia, UK, and Eastern Europe .

This woman can be a inspiration for other women Indonesia. Mooryati have proved that a woman always, whatever she does not view, able to work even to bring the company into a business strong and big. For many years she has proved this, and even has brought this company to reach many awards in and outside the country. She is also one of the women who successfully raise Palace tradition and traditional recipes and ingredients to be part of the life of modern public health. Herbal medicine into a drug search and a lot of people liked.

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