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Indonesia is the best spa destination

Indonesia is the best spa tourism destination in the world, especially Bali Spa. Assessment given by the people of the world who understand a spa about and compare the spas from other countries with spas in Bali. Bali Spa is considered the best spa tourism which is able to maintain the culture as the original ancestor as traditional treatment that is recognized worldwide. Bali even successfully popularize terms of spa for boreh and lulur in the world.

Indonesia with dozens of different provinces of the various tribes with customs that are very rich in valuable cultural world. From Papua to Aceh, from Talaud to Rote island, has a treasure trove of culture which is not estimated the potential to continue to be extracted and introduced to the world. Many of Indonesia's traditional start is felt by the public world. Including methods of female beauty-natural characteristic Indonesia.

Indonesia traditional therapy is a pure cultured treatment. Beginning with foot bath and body wash, and traditional massage, lets the mud prevent wrinkles, enlighten your skin and clean the pores while giving nutrients and minerals back to your skin, end by relaxing into warm aromatic flower bath. For other choice, you may choose Aroma Therapy Massage, and any kind of Indonesia traditional massage. It improves your blood circulation, reduces tension and stress, relieve muscles, rejuvenate tired muscles and relax your mind.

All Indonesian people was proud of Bali for its achievement. It means that Spas have become one of the appealing tourism attractions. Hopefully, Spas will attract more visitors, foreign and domestic, to Bali and other Indonesian area.

There are a total of 600 more operating Spas across the country, a large number of which are based in Bali.

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