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Steps to Treat Yourself to a Day at the Spa

Treat Yourself to a Day at the Spa
By eHow Fashion, Style & Personal Care Editor

Need to rejuvenate but don't have the time or money for a weekend getaway? A day spa could be the perfect solution. Popping up in cities across the country, day spas offer a variety of treatments and pampering techniques that are sure to leave you feeling refreshed.
  • Step 1 Get personal referrals, worth their weight in gold, since there are so many levels on which to assess the day spa experience.
  • Step 2 Take a tour of the spa before you commit to spending a day there. Look for beautiful, clean surroundings and ample plush towels. Do you like the atmosphere? It can vary from alluring and relaxing with candlelights, flowers and water fountains, to more spartan and natural with soft music.
  • Step 3 Scan the treatment menu. Full packages can be more economical than several a` la carte treatments.
  • Step 4 Ask about the qualifications of aestheticians, massage therapists and spa personnel: Where were they trained? What methods or styles do they use? How long have they worked there?
  • Step 5 Decide how lush you want to go and what your body is really crying out for. Is it a deep-tissue massage and a facial? Or a stimulating salt rub and then a pedicure? Choose your treatments accordingly. Throw in at least one exotic-sounding fullbody treat, the kind that sounds like a dessert-cart delicacy with tasty ingredients like pineapple, chocolate or papaya.
  • Step 6 Determine which of the primary treatments is best for you.
Facial: This includes anti-aging, stress-reducing and therapeutic treatments with thorough cleansing, product application and (typically) a mini massage of the head and neck.

Using the foot as a map of the body, this applies pressure to corresponding "body parts" on the foot to reduce stress, improve circulation and cleanse the body of toxins.

Therapeutic, essential oils are used to soothe or regenerate the body, often in conjunction with massages and facials. $85 to $150.
Body Wrap: Using mud, paraffin, seaweed or aromatherapy-infused cloth to cover the body, these treatments stimulate circulation, release muscle tension and promote relaxation.

Tips & Warnings
  1. Inquire if robes, slippers and towels are provided. And although many spas have lockers that lock, it is best to leave valuables at home.
  2. Don't drive yourself home. If you're truly as relaxed as a limp noodle, as prescribed, you'll be a road hazard--and rallying to negotiate traffic will kill the mood

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