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Jakarta Medical Spa Treatments and Procedures

Medical Spa is spa that offering a blend of holistic benefits and comfortable with the spa treatment or scientific products. With doctor supervision, a client can make a face and body treatments as well as get cosmetic products in accordance with the needs of the client.

Medispa focus in the treatment Aesthetic Segment as skin rejuvenation, tighten skin, remove whelk, acne scar, pigmentasi, etc..

Medical Spa (Medispa) offer an alternative treatment for those who do not want plastic surgery.
All treatment procedures are non-invasive. Aesthetic Softlaser, Radio Frequency, Diamond Peel, DermaSound & Color Therapy is part of the care we provide to you.
Equipped with an high and supported a variety of comfortable facilities for you so that your privacy is not disturbed.

Home Care
The right product is an important step for the skin or the body of a healthy, beautiful and shining. Without the use of appropriate home care, diagnose and treatment process that has traveled less than a maximum. To complete the treatment that you Go, a professional consultant will provide recommendations and analysis written for the home care program as a whole. The product philosophy is the "protection, prevention, correction" with the use of natural materials botanika and vitamin therapy.

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